Sedation Dentistry

Have you ever put off a dental appointment because you were worried or nervous about the procedure? You’re not alone. Feeling anxious about a dental appointment is very common. And there is a solution. Dr. Teichmiller and our team want you to be as comfortable as possible for any dental appointments you have. We work closely with you to decide how to make your visit fit your needs. If you experience anxiety over dental appointments, we would love to accommodate you and get you the treatments you need with sedation dentistry in Decatur, AL.

sedation dentistry in Decatur AL

What is Sedation Dentistry?

“Sedation dentistry” refers to the medical treatments dental offices use to calm anxious or nervous patients before a dental procedure or appointment. Sedation dentistry is an optional treatment that can relieve patients of their anxiety and put them in a state of relaxation. While they remain conscious and aware during the procedure, they often remember very little or nothing at all about their procedure. Sedation techniques can also help patients with a strong gag reflex, or those who need several procedures done at once.

Conscious Sedation

Many patients with high anxiety levels choose our oral conscious sedation option. Conscious sedation is administered by ingesting a small tablet, which can be taken a little before a dental procedure. Conscious sedation sends patients into a deep state of relaxation. Because the effects can last for a few hours, patients who choose oral conscious sedation will need to have a friend or family member drive them to and from their appointment. This is very important, as driving after taking the sedation pill constitutes as driving under the influence. We care about your safety!

We would love to help your smile, and we want you to be comfortable during your time with us. If you would prefer to take advantage of our sedation dentistry options, talk with Dr. Teichmiller and our office today!

Our doctors are DOCS Certified for oral conscious sedation.
Decatur AL oral conscious sedation