Dental Savings Plan

How To Sign Up?

Please ask a member of our Team for an application.

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Dr. Stephanie Teichmiller’s Dental Savings Plan is designed to provide access to comprehensive dental care.

With This Plan There Are:

  • No Yearly Maximums
  • No Deductibles
  • No Waiting Periods
  • No Pre-Existing Condition Limitations
  • Free Consultations

The plan will auto-renew on the anniversary date with a 5% discount.

Coverage: Diagnostic and Preventative

Treatment Member Discount
Comprehensive Exam (1 per year) 100%
Periodic Exam (2 per year) 100%
Emergency Exam (1 per year) 100%
Full Mouth X-Rays (1 per 5 years) 100%
Periapical X-Rays (1 per year) 100%
Bitewings X-Rays (1 per year) 100%
Child Prophy/Cleaning (2 per year) 100%
Adult Prophy/Cleaning (2 per year) 100%
Supportive Periodontal Maintenance 25%
Flouride (2 per year) 100%
Velscope Oral Cancer Screening (1 per year) 50%


Treatment Member Discount
Preventative Resin Restorations 20% off
Resin Fillings 20% off
Crowns/Posts/Build Ups (excludes lab bill) 20% off
Veneers 20% off
Periodontal Therapy (RDT) 25% off
Partial Dentures 10% off
Dentures (Esthetic Line Only) 10% off
Kor Bleaching 15% off
Occlusal Guards (NTI or Full) 25% off

Benefit Premium

Plan Annual Cost
Single $325
Dual $475
Family (3) $675
Family (4) $875

Add $200 for each additional family member.

The Dual Plan is for a Parent/Child or Husband/Wife living in the same household only.

The Family Plan includes family members who are enrolled full time in college until the age of 26 or children who are not enrolled full-time in college until the age of 20.

This plan cannot be used in conjunction with another dental insurance plan. However, once insurance benefits have been maximized, this plan may be purchased to complete treatment.

You will not receive a membership card. Your plan effective dates will be on file with our office.

Program Exclusions and Limitations

This program is a Dental Savings Plan, not a dental insurance plan. This plan is only honored at the office of Dr. Stephanie Teichmiller. It cannot be used at any other office.

It may not be used:

  • For referral to a specialist
  • In conjunction with a dental insurance plan
  • For hospitalization or hospital charges of any kind
  • For services for injuries covered under workman’s compensation or automobile medical insurance

Program Guidelines

  • All annual premiums must be paid in advance and the annual plan is active for one (1) year from the effective date
  • Premiums are NON-REFUNDABLE, even if you decide not to utilize the Dental Savings Plan
  • Patient’s portion of bill is due at time of service

$97 Comprehensive Exam & X-Rays

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