Letter To Patients

To all our patients that we love, our new normal after we open for elective dental procedures……
…Know that you are missed terribly and we are ever so grateful for your return.
…Know that our office has always exceeded the guidelines for infection control and we will continue that for COVID 19 and beyond.
…Know that we may have to make changes to appointments that are already scheduled in order to create the safest environment possible for you. Our new normal is going to take time to get proper protocols in place. You being understanding of those decisions takes an unimaginable load off of our brains and hearts.
…Know the importance of coming alone, or having your companion or driver wait for you in the car; extra people in the dental office compromises everyone.
…Know that when you arrive you will need to wait in your vehicle until your provider gives you the go ahead before entering the building; having your cell phone handy in your car will help considerably.
…Know we are thrilled to see you, but we can’t hug; your presence is the best hug ever.
…Know that your health is our biggest concern; we may ask those with high risk factors to wait before scheduling. Your dental health is very important but we cannot take any chances with your overall health.
…Know that initially, your services may take more time; your patience is appreciated. Also, your wait times for your appointments may be slightly longer than what you are used to from us. We are very respectful of your time but we are committed to completely sterilizing the room between each patient and that does take time. We will work on finding our new normal routine and adjusting appointment times once we understand the full scope of this.
…Know that your understanding as we rework the schedule to accommodate those patients with the most urgent dental needs, means the world to us. We have months of appointments to reschedule…we WILL get there.
…Know that each of our opinions of the entire situation will not change the laws and rules that we are asked to operate under for everyone’s safety, so we are going to keep the conversations about you, your health, and your best dental health and how to help you reach your dental health goals.
…Know that…above all else, we are so excited about your arrival at our office and together we can make it the best appointment ever!!!

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