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    How Do You Measure Success?

    Affordable Decatur Tooth Bleaching

    At Decatur Smiles, we are devoted to success. Each member of our team has the experience, ability, and commitment to dental excellence, and it results in outstanding outcomes every day. For many of our dental patients, success is a routine check-up that reveals healthy teeth and no cavities. For our cosmetic dental patients, success is…

    All Tooth Stains Are Not Created Equal

    Decatur Teeth Bleaching

    There is no teeth whitening as effective as the professional whitening you’ll get at Decatur Smiles in Decatur AL. But the results of any whitening depends in part on the types of stains being treated. Extrinsic tooth stains are the least complicated to remove. These surface stains have not yet penetrated through the enamel into…

    Oral Health For Decatur Diabetics

    Oral Health For Decatur Diabetics

    Today’s Decatur Smiles article is entitled ‘Oral Health For Decatur Diabetics.’ Many Decatur people with diabetes have dental problems. However, gum disease and tooth loss are not unavoidable. Blood sugar is the complicating factor. Diabetics who control their blood sugar have lower rates of dental problems. In fact, many Decatur dentists have noticed no increased…

    What Have We Done For You Lately?

    family dentist Decatur

    At Decatur Smiles, everything we do is for the benefit of our valued patients. We are devoted to providing quality, compassionate dentistry tailored to each patient’s needs. We know that optimum oral health is an essential element of comprehensive physical health, and that the best dentists do more than just “drill and fill.” Like your…

    Decatur Wants Silver Screen Smiles

    Decatur Wants Silver Screen Smiles

    With the constant media coverage of celebrities, many Decatur dental patients are interested in having a smile like the stars. With Decatur Smiles and the right smile makeover procedures, anyone can have a smile they want to show off. Many smile makeovers include teeth whitening. There are a variety of ways this can be done.…

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