Restorative dentistry

Missing Pieces In The Mouth?

A missing puzzle piece may not ruin a jigsaw puzzle, but a missing tooth can be very unsightly and ruin your smile. At Decatur Smiles in Decatur AL we have dental implants that can restore a smile. A missing tooth can cause more than an unpleasant appearance. When a tooth and its root are gone,

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Gap-Tooth Smiles Aren’t Quite As Adorable Anymore

Have you lost teeth? It’s a lot different than when you lost your baby teeth way back in the day. Unfortunately, adult teeth don’t grow back. But with a dental implant from Decatur Smiles in Decatur AL, it might seem like a missing tooth has. A dental implant is a titanium post that is permanently

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Can You Completely Restore a Smile With Several Missing Teeth?

This message from Decatur Smiles in Decatur AL is about restoring smiles with dental implants. Dental implants are titanium posts that are inserted into the jaw. One implant can support one artificial tooth, while several can support a bridge,or even a full dental arch. What Are The Differences Between Fixed and Removable? Fixed implant-retained dentures (sometimes called

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Total Mouth Reconstruction Is Now A Reality

The phrase “total” or “full” mouth reconstruction may sound daunting, and bring extreme images to mind. It refers to replacing or rebuilding a patient’s teeth with restorative dentistry, available at Decatur Smiles in Decatur AL. Full mouth reconstruction can achieve many goals, and it doesn’t always mean the same thing for every patient. Candidates for

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A Ginormous Cavity?

When we repair a decayed or damaged tooth at Decatur Smiles in Decatur AL, the procedure chosen depends on the location of the problem. If there is a chip, crack, or tooth decay on the biting surface of a tooth, an onlay or inlay is often created to restore it. Inlays and onlays are usually

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Bridging The Gap

Do you have a missing tooth that is detracting from your otherwise attractive teeth? Let Decatur Smiles fill the gap for you and help you get your smile back! A dental bridge may be the perfect solution for your missing tooth. A dental bridge consists of two or more crowns affixed to the tooth on

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5 Reasons To See Dr. Teichmiller: General Dentistry in Decatur

When we’re young, we are invincible. We will live forever, and know more than our parents. But a funny thing happens as we grow up: invincibility fades, forever isn’t as long as we thought, and we begin to appreciate the collective wisdom of those who have gone before us. Since you have probably discovered by

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