5 Reasons To See Dr. Teichmiller: General Dentistry in Decatur

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When we’re young, we are invincible. We will live forever, and know more than our parents. But a funny thing happens as we grow up: invincibility fades, forever isn’t as long as we thought, and we begin to appreciate the collective wisdom of those who have gone before us. Since you have probably discovered by…

Express Your Personality With A Smile Makeover

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What makes up a perfect smile? White teeth? Straight teeth? Teeth with pleasing proportions relative to one another? A stunning smile is more than the sum of its parts. At Decatur Smiles, we believe that your perfect smile also contains another element – your unique personality. What is a smile makeover? Is is a combination…

Helping Decatur Love Dental Visits

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Helping Decatur Love Dental Visits

It’s no secret that many Decatur people dread going to the dentist. Everyone knows it and despite your best efforts, even your Decatur area dentist knows it. But when you start visiting your dentist for the latest cosmetic dental treatments, you may find that you LOVE going to the dentist! Dentists in the North Athens,…

Why a Water Flosser Might be a Good Idea

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Today, we’re talking about the water flosser, also known as interdental cleaner, interdental irrigator, or water jet. The first water-shooting device for cleaning between teeth was created in the early 1960’s by Colorado dentist Dr. Gerald Moyer and John Mattingly, a hydraulics engineer. The gadget is now known by the brand name Waterpik, though many…

Been A While Since You’ve Visited A Dentist?

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The very idea of visiting a dentist holds a negative connotation for many people. If you are an adult with dental anxiety, or your child is preparing to visit the dentist for the first time, here are a few tips that may help ease you into regular dental checkups and put you on the path…

Avoid Tooth Loss In Decatur

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Gum disease is the most common cause of tooth decay. If you have missing teeth, tooth loss, or gum disease, we can help. Call Decatur Smiles for a restorative, cosmetic dentistry appointment. We provide customized, quality care to Alabama residents.

Let’s Make A Plan

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When you are dedicated to reaching a goal, the difference between success and failure often comes down to whether or not you follow a plan. Occasional effort is rarely effective. Do you have a goal to improve your smile? Perhaps you have not thought much about your teeth in the past, but lately have noticed…

Dental Sealant Q & A

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Dental sealants are not just for kids. They are an effective way of preventing cavities and future fillings. Call Decatur Smiles today to learn more about dental implants, family dentistry, and cosmetic dentistry. Regular checkups are your friend.