Bad Breath Treatment At Decatur Smiles

Bad Breath Treatment at Decatur SmilesDo you suspect that you have bad breath? At Decatur Smiles in Decatur AL, we can help.

Bacteria that live in your mouth cause the bad smell. Breath mints and mouthwashes do not cure bad breath, they only mask the symptoms. Proper oral hygiene can cure many cases of bad breath. However, in some cases, bad breath is caused by more serious health concerns. Sinus and tonsil infections, acid reflux, ulcers, diabetes, hypoglycemia, kidney malfunction, and eating disorders are just some of the issues that can cause bad breath.

If you have bad breath, the first thing to do is make sure you are cleaning your teeth, gums, and tongue thoroughly. This does not mean you should brush as long and forcefully as possible. Brushing too vigorously is dangerous to gums and contributes to gum recession. At Decatur Smiles, we help patients of all ages learn safe and effective brushing, flossing, and tongue cleaning methods.

If you or someone close to you is coping with bad breath, talk to us at Decatur Smiles in Decatur AL. Patients from North Athens, East Mooresville, and South Cullman come to us for general and restorative dentistry. Call for an appointment today!

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